Complete Removal

This page here aims for removal by all means, it is very important to remove from PC because it has been detected as browser hijacker by reputed anti-virus programs all around the world. With the help of this nasty web URL its associates always seek to steal the data of those computer system on which these are accessed.


What is

Several users have reported about, that there's been a malicious activity reported on the web browsers specially when they are surfing the web. After little research also showed that is categorized within browser hijacker, that comes bundled within freeware programs available to download from the Internet for free. It is a technique used to spread such kind of malwares over numerous computers in the form of a toolbar or different kind of rouge plugin. After the identification as a browser hijacker or redirect virus must be understood as a scam domain which is very important to be removed away from any Windows computer system. It is not only responsible to install different kind of malwares on your PC, but will also create a backdoor within your system so that other malwares can get in within the infected system and wreak havoc within it. will posses harmful effect on any version of Windows computer system, which will automatically make this possible to change the behavior of that computer system. However it is very important to know that from where came and what to do now?

You must have heard about this before also that a freeware/shareware download of software can invite such kind of threats to your system very easily. Few times these type of threats act as a behavior for a useful toolbar or useful extension on any web browser, but at last it isn't. is mainly active when your system is online and it will take effect for all kind of cookies which are captured during your online surfing.


What issues can cause on PC?

  • It will add additional unwanted plug-ins or add-ons without notice.
  • It will make your system more vulnerable and more open to threats.
  • It can easily modify browser settings and can also mis-use the Internet of PC as well.
  • It can slow down the computer system a lot.
  • mainly exploits the system details to the cyber crooks for data theft etc.
    • Note – The manual removal method suggested here for removal is very complex, it is suggested to use the automatic scanner for if you want to save your time and the accidents which can take place if the performing user lacks certain computer skills while removing it.

      How to Prevent

      While installing any software, important when installing any kind of freeware installation to read the End User License Agreement (EULA). So that you confirm this about the software, whether it is bundled on any computer system or not. There are very few users all around the world who does such kind of actions, but still it is very important.

      It is also necessary to use the firewall settings while using your system, turn the facility into ON mode so that it can prevent your system from different kind of threats as well.

      How To Remove From Your PC


      Delete From Microsoft Edge

      Change the homepage and Search Engine to block unwanted pop-up ads and redirections.

      • Open your Edge browser and click on three dots (…) option.

      • Now select the “Settings” option and click “View Advance Settings” option.

      • Find “Search in the address bar with” category and click <Add new> option.

      • Finally select your desired search engine and click “Add as default” option.

      Eliminate From Chrome Browser

      • Open Chrome browser and click on three bar option from upper right corner.

      • Now go to the Tools menu and select Extensions option.

      • Select the malicious extension and click on Trash icon.

      Remove From Mozilla Firefox

      • Open Firefox browser and Press (Ctrl+Shift+A) together.

      • The extensions and add-ons page will get opened.

      • Select and delete the malicious extensions.

      Remove From Internet Explorer

      • Select the wrench icon and click "Manage Add-ons" option.

      • Go to the "Toolbars and Extensions" option from navigation.

      • Find and remove the malicious extensions.

      Uninstall From Control Panel

      • Click on Start menu and select the Control Panel option.

      • Find out “Program” category and select “Uninstall a Program” option.

      • Choose and Uninstall related items from list.

      How To Use Automatic Scanner for Removal

      The automatic method suggested here for removal is the finest scanner to get rid from such kind of browser hijacker away from any Windows computer system. The tool has been tested already by experts of Windows PC for the detection of and it has been also found helpful for the removal of it as well. This utility has been crafted in such a way that any novice user could easily understand its methodology and with the help of the GUI of the tool, it is more easier to get rid of such creepy virus threat when using an automatic scanner than any other manual process for removal.


      User Guide : How To Use Automatic Scanner

      Step 1 - Download the Automatic Scanner on your PC and install the application. Now launch the tool from your desktop and click on “Scan Computer Now” button.

      Step 2 - The Custom Scan feature gives you option to scan any specific part of your PC. You can scan the system memory, USB drive, cookies, registry editor etc. differently to save your time.

      Step 3 - The Spyware Helpdesk option gives you full support when you get any problem in removing the threat automatically from your PC. You can also request for a custom fix.

      Step 4 - Active the System Guard option to get real time protection for your computer. It can easily block all types of malicious and harmful threats that try to alter your system security.

      Step 5 - Network Sentry option defend your Internet settings from being affected by any malicious process. It can prevent all harmful threat and malware that tries to infect or change your network settings.

      Step 6 - With Scan scheduler option you can schedule a pre-set time scan for the safety of your computer. This amazing feature also works even you are away from your computer. Schedule a scan and get sure about the safety.